Celebrity Blood Gang Members

One of the biggest forms of currencies of the gang life is gaining respect. Respect in a gang can mean everything. Gangs that have celebrities manage to boost their notoriety.

Gang members who were became celebrities usually stop doing all the type of stuff that normal gang members do.

Celebrity gang members still represent and claim their gangs proudly and publicly.

Here are some of the more famous Celebrity Gang Members.

List of Celebrity Gang Members

Chris Brown

Chris brown has always been in the news for one thing or another. He is always getting involved in something and getting in trouble.

One of the his biggest claim to fame as of late is his connection to the Bloods. The bloods are one of americas biggest street gangs. He claims to be affiliated, and knows a lot about Blood gang knowledge.

The Game

Ever since The Game jumped on the scene he has been claiming the Bloods gang.

More precisely The Game claims the Cedar Block Blood gang, and has beefed with the Tree Top Piru Bloods.

Snoop Dogg

Another big timer in the rap world, Snoop Dogg has long affiliations with the other largest street gang in America, the Crips.

Since his introduction in the 1990s, Snoop has always been representing his blue flag. He isn’t active anymore but has a lot of respect and Crip gang knowledge to show for it.

Lil Wayne

Another big name celebrity, Lil Wayne has made it very common knowledge that he is affiliated with the Bloods. He goes on a bunch of songs and references the all red gang.

Those were some of the more famous gang members, but here is a list of some more.

Known Blood Gang Members: The Game, Lil Wayne, Chris Brown, Birdman, Suge Knight, WakaFlocka Flame, Top Dogg, Jay Rock, Kendrick Lamar

Known Crip Gang Members: Snoop Dogg, Nate Dogg, Eazy E, Warren G, Scarface, Young Jeezy, Nipsey Hustle, Schoolboy Q.

As you can see there are a lot of members that are famous and are celebrities.