Making an in home Studio

With todays technology be so advanced, you are able to create a high end home studio in your home with the best types of DJ equipment. If you are new to producing, than you probably dont know what to get yet. I have supplied and installed many home studio equipment for tons of clients and customers. I have worked with some of the best in the business, so I know what is good and what isnt.

home studio equipment

Here my list of DJ equipment I like to include in all my DJ setups.

  1. Studio Monitors – first place to start when buying equipment. Studio monitors will either make or break your home studio. The reason why is because you always want to make sure you focus on sound quality over anything. Sound quality is what makes good tracks and records. So dont cheap out on some good high end monitors.
  2. Beat Machine – beat machines are one of the most important instruments in a producers arsenal. Buying the best drum machine, will allow you to make all sorts of crazy beats, like the master kanye west himself.
  3. Controller – If you want something that will do everything I would recommend an all in on controller, this will allow you to mix sets and mixes for live shows, or just throw mixes up on youtube. This is one of the best pieces of dj equipment to buy.
  4. MIDI Keyboard – MIDI keyboard controllers, are pretty much hundreds of instruments built into one.  Pick up the best 61 key midi controller if you want hundreds of instruments made into one machine.
  5. Mixer – A mixer is not needed if you purchase an all in one dj controller that has a built in audio interface. If you dont, than you will need to pick one up as well.

These are the must haves for an in home studio. If you dont purchase these things, you wont have a good system.

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